EPO Patch and Grout is an extremely tough, corrosion resistant, saline/salt resistant epoxy patching compound that is excellent for patching or grouting holes and worn areas in concrete. EPO Patch and Grout comes in an easy to use three-component kit including epoxy resin, hardener, and sand for patching and topping. EPO Patch and Grout has a proven 40 year track record. One of our marina customers uses our patch to make sure its 220,000-pound marine forklift is always available to put boats in the water. They can’t close to resurface the entire pad!

If you can’t close, or you just need a strong concrete patch, EPO Patch is a great product for you. EPO Patch and Grout can be installed after hours or on the weekend and cures in 8 hours, reducing costly down time. EPO Patch and Grout is perfect for patching structurally sound concrete in marinas, parking garages and parking lots, sidewalks, breweries, beverage plants, processing plants and industrial areas where extreme corrosion and wear resistance are required.

If you need to work at low temperatures down to 34 degrees F or if you need a fast-curing solution, try EPO Patch and Grout LTC (low temperature cure). It’s cured and ready for business only 2 hours at room temperature!

Working time (pot life) for EPO Patch and Grout is approximately 30 minutes at room temperature (approximately 70°F). EPO Patch and Grout LTC has a pot life of 15 minutes (work fast!) and can also be used in cold temperature (between 34°-50°F) with a pot life of 30 minutes in cold temperatures and a cure time of 8-12 hours.

Coverage is approximately 4.5 square feet at ¼” thickness for the 10 pound kit and 20 square feet at ¼” thickness for the 50 pound kit.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 15 in

10 Lb. Kit, 50 Lb. Kit


LTC (Low Temperature Cure), Standard Cure


Light Grey, Medium Beige, Medium Grey, Tile Red